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Elysium Hair Brisbane City Is A Sustainable Salon

We're A Sustainable Salon: Embracing a Greener Future

At Elysium Hair Brisbane, sustainability isn't just a trend; it's a core value. We recycle and repurpose an astounding 98% of all salon waste, setting a new standard in environmental responsibility.

Your Contribution to a Sustainable Future Each visit to our salon includes a nominal Green Cost of $3.00. This small contribution allows us to maintain our commitment to sustainability without compromising the exceptional service you've come to expect. Rest assured, we don't profit from this cost. To learn more, visit or chat with our team during your next visit. With us, you can look good, feel good, and do good!

A Business Committed to Environmental Responsibility As one of the first fully accredited 'Green Salons' in Queensland, we take pride in recycling up to 98% of all salon waste. Our journey to zero waste is guided by sensible waste reduction strategies, reducing energy consumption, and green purchasing. Our commitment to sustainability was recognised with Green Accreditation by the Australian Hairdressing Council in August 2017.

Sustainability: A Way of Life at Elysium Our passion for sustainability doesn't stop at the salon's door. Our team members often share how they've embraced sustainable practices at home since joining us. We've partnered with local sustainable retailer Biome and provide fun sustainably themed customer bathrooms. We even encourage public transport and carpooling to minimise environmental impact.

  • Onboarding Process: Extensive sustainability practices are part of our core policies.

  • Active Environmental Policy: Recycling points for various materials, including biodegradable eco towels.

  • Regular Education and Updates: Provided by Sustainable Salons Australia, including reading “The Green Chair” publication.

  • Community Engagement: Trips to the Endeavour Foundation sorting facility and working with local sustainable retailers.

  • In-Salon Advocacy: Appointment of a Salon Sustainability advocate from the team.

With your support, we continue to strive for a greener future, proving that beauty and sustainability can go hand in hand. At Elysium Hair Brisbane, we care beyond hair for people and the planet.