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Elysium Hair Brisbane City Is A Sustainable Salon

We recycle and repurpose 98% of all salon waste

We Are A Sustainable Salon

Each time you visit our sustainable hair salon, your service bill will include a small Green Cost of just $2.00 that will support the salon to keep its commitment to sustainability without compromising the quality service we offer you. We do not profit in any way from this cost. For more information, please visit or ask the team at Elysium Hair Brisbane during your next visit. Look good, feel good and now also do good!
Business And Life Intertwined

Environmental Responsibility - One of the first fully accredited 'Green Salons' with extensive sustainable business practices - recycling up to 98% of all salon waste. As a 'Sustainable Salon' we’re committed to minimising our carbon footprint through waste reduction, recycling, reduced energy consumption and green purchasing. We have a ‘green’ lease and adopted extensive sustainable practices across the business, plus continually look to make further improvements.

We have always approached our business and life sustainably. We joined Sustainable Salons Australia as soon as it arrived in Queensland. In August 2017, we were awarded Green Accreditation by the Australian Hairdressing Council. We are on the way to zero salon waste – we sort and manage all salon waste with 98% collected by Sustainable Salons Australia.

We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint by following sensible waste reduction strategies. The key is our staff and their education, and belief in the importance of sustainability.

Sustainability does require a little more thought and effort than most people are used to with the sorting and separation of all waste, however, it is a fundamental core value of our salon. We often get feedback from team members to say how they have implemented sustainable practices at home with their families since joining the salon and how much better they feel.

Sustainability on-boarding process

Our policies and procedures include extensive sustainability practices

  • An active environmental policy displayed in key areas of the salon with multiple recycling points for metals, plastics, glass, hair, paper and cardboard and general rubbish (including biodegradable eco towels)

  • Regular updates and reminders on sustainability and staff are reminded of our commitment to waste reduction.

  • Trips to the Endeavour Foundation sorting facility where our waste is taken and sorted

  • Staff informed of any new strategies introduced to help in our campaign to reduce our carbon footprint

  • Regular in-salon education and updates by Sustainable Salons Australia
    Reading of “The Green Chair” publication

  • Appointment of Salon Sustainability advocate from the team

  • A fun sustainably themed customer bathroom

  • Encouragement for the use of public transport for guests and the team with team members also carpooling to reduce their impact on the environment

  • Working with local sustainable retailer Biome with referral vouchers between our businesses

  • Sustainable product ranges