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Preparation For Your Curl By Curl Haircut


How to prepare for your curl by curl cut and hydration at Elysium.

Ready to get those curls looking fabulous? We are too! When you come in for your curl-by-curl cut and hydration therapy, make sure that your hair has been shampooed and conditioned within the last two days.

To ensure we can see your natural texture at its best, all tangles must be out of it beforehand (avoid using a brush/comb on dry hair). Please also remove any clips, pins, hats or barrettes before coming in – leave those locks loose! Plus, take note: coconut oil should not be used before the appointment either.

Your appointment will take around 3 hours. During that time, we will start with a consultation to discuss your curl type and ensure we understand the texture and outcome you are looking for. We’ll also be able to chat about potential maintenance and styling tips tailored to you.

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Curl By Curl Hair Preparation At Elysium Hair Brisbane