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Perms & Bodywaves

Discover the Art of Curly Chic: The Bespoke Perm Experience at Elysium Hair Brisbane

Intrigued by the allure of bouncy curls or wavy hair? At Elysium Hair Brisbane, an award-winning, people-first salon, we offer bespoke hair experiences that cater to your individual needs and expectations.

What is a Perm?

A perm, short for 'permanent wave,' is a hair treatment that uses chemicals to permanently alter your hair structure, creating long-lasting curls or waves. While the word 'chemicals' may sound intimidating, our eco-friendly products are both gentle and effective.

Your Personalised Hair Experience in Steps

  1. Initial Hair Test: If you have put any colour in your hair then before delving into the perming process, we schedule hair test. This test checks for the strength and elasticity of your hair to ensure it won't break during the perm treatment.

  2. Consultation: After receiving a positive hair test, your hairdresser will discuss your desired outcome, current hair condition, and best treatment options.

  3. Preparation: We apply premium products to prime your hair, preparing it for a delightful and enduring transformation.

  4. Perming: Our proficient hairdressers carefully apply the perm solution, adhering to the perfect timing tailored for your hair type.

  5. Neutralising: This step involves applying a neutralising solution to fix your hair's structure, locking in your new curls.

  6. Styling and Personalised Aftercare: Finally, we style your vibrant curls and offer individualised advice on maintaining and enhancing your look.

Why Choose Elysium Hair Brisbane for Your Perm?

Elysium Hair Brisbane is committed to being your Forever Hairdresser, offering Care Beyond the Hair. Our people-first ethos ensures that you receive not only a transformation you'll adore but also a comprehensive, caring service that extends beyond mere aesthetics. To start your personalised journey to curly chic, book a quiz with us today.

Spot Perm At Elysium


Spot Perm

A spot perm is an exceptional, tailored option for those looking to add a touch of volume, texture, or curl to specific areas of their hair. Unlike a full perm that transforms your entire mane, a spot perm focuses on designated sections, offering a delightful blend of natural and enhanced textures. This personalised treatment is perfect for those who wish to accentuate their natural look without committing to a full head of curls.

At Elysium Hair Brisbane, we offer spot perms as part of our bespoke range of services, meticulously hand-matching the technique and timing to your individual hair type during the consultation phase. Following an essential hair test to ensure the integrity of your hair, our experienced hairdressers apply a specialised solution to the chosen areas. This is followed by neutralising and styling, with personalised aftercare advice to enhance and prolong your new look.

Spot perms offer a unique way to express individuality, allowing you to focus curls where they best complement your face shape and features. It's a flexible, less drastic alternative for guests who want a partial transformation while still enjoying the freedom to style the rest of their hair as they please.

Ready to elevate specific areas of your hair with a spot perm? Schedule a quiz with us to get started on your customised hair plan.

Body Wave Perm At Elysium


Body Wave

A body wave perm is a sublime choice for those seeking to infuse their hair with soft, natural-looking waves that offer body and movement. Unlike more traditional perms that produce tight, defined curls, a body wave perm creates looser, flowing waves that add volume and texture to your hair. This versatile option allows for a range of styling possibilities, from relaxed, beachy looks to more sophisticated, voluminous styles.

When you opt for a body wave perm at Elysium Hair Brisbane, the award-winning salon with a people-first approach, you're signing up for a bespoke hair experience. We start with an essential hair test to assess the health and integrity of your hair, followed by an in-depth consultation. During this phase, we discuss your desired outcome, the current state of your hair, and the best techniques to achieve your look.

Next comes the application process. Our skilled hairdressers carefully apply a special perm solution designed for looser curls, ensuring optimal results tailored to your hair type. This is followed by a neutralising step to lock in your luxurious waves. The experience is rounded off with a personalised styling session and aftercare guidance to help you maintain and enhance your new, voluminous look.

A body wave perm provides a balanced blend of glamour and ease, offering a subtle yet transformative change that adds a new dimension to your everyday look. If you're interested in achieving effortlessly chic waves, book a quiz to start crafting your personalised hair plan at Elysium Hair Brisbane.

Spiral Perm At Elysium


Spiral Perm

A spiral perm at Elysium Hair Brisbane transforms your hair into well-defined, ringlet-style curls that add volume and drama. The process begins with an essential hair test to ensure your hair is healthy enough for the treatment. After a thorough consultation to understand your needs, our skilled hairdressers use special spiral rods and a bespoke perm solution to create your curls. A neutralising solution then sets the curls in place, followed by expert styling and personalised aftercare advice. With a spiral perm, you can effortlessly enjoy a vibrant, textured look. Interested? Book a quiz to start your customised hair plan