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Available From End Of April 2021

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

We are excited to announce that from the end of April we will be a Great Lengths specialist salon!
Great Lengths are Italian luxury hair extensions made from 100% human hair. Ethically sourced from temples in India and crafted in Italy, they are the most luxurious hair extensions on the market.

About Great Lengths hair extensions.

Available in over 50 colours and varying lengths, Great Lengths will give your hair more body, extra length and added fullness.

Great Lengths hair is classified as remy hair, as all the cuticles are facing the same direction, making them smooth and tangle-free. Lightened through an osmosis process, Great Lengths hair is not exposed to bleach or damaging chemicals that impact their quality. To top it all off the high tech keratin bonds that attach to the hair move and stretch with your own which means zero breakage!
Great Lengths boasts an exclusive in-house supply chain, which means that from end to end everyone involved in the production process is treated fairly and with care.
To this day it is the only hair extension company that sources and produces its own hair.

What does this mean for you?

The extensive care in the production process and the high tech method used to create Great Lengths hair extensions means you will fuller, healthier looking hair for longer!
By choosing to use Great Lengths, you are not only going to get the best quality hair available, you are also helping put a stop to unethical sourcing of hair extensions.
So whether it's length, shine or body you are after, ask your stylist about getting Great Lengths today!