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Haircuts at Elysium

Why Choose Us?

The team of hairdresser at Elysium Hair Brisbane continuously hone their hair cutting skills to ensure that they can handle anything. They pride themselves in their consultations and cutting techniques to provide you with your ultimate haircut.
What’s included
85 min

Are you a new guest, has it been over 12 weeks since your last haircut
are you looking for a change or just want/need more time with your hairdresser?

$144 - $202

75 min

New guests who would like a trim or a regular guest who needs a little more time.

$129 - $180

65 min

Regular Guests who get their hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks

$112 - $155

50 min

This is for short haired guests who have their hair cut by us every 4-6 weeks

$88 - $119

35 min

For very regular guests with short hair who have a very simple trim

$75 - $86

20 min

For a quick clipper tidy up (without a shampoo)

$46 - $52


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