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COVID - 19 Risk Management
At Elysium Hair Brisbane

We Take Our Responsibility For Your Safety Very Seriously

Here are some of the latest steps we have in place:

  • Before coming to your appointment you are screened in line with current COVID-19 risk factors (by text and through our pre-visit emails and messages)

  • We are limiting the number of people in the salon at any one time

  • To ensure our high levels of in-salon hygiene you are required to hand sanitise before entry

  • You will be in contact with as few people as possible in the salon to provide your service

  • Contactless in chair check-in and check out is provided

  • Face to face consultations are kept under 15 minutes

  • You are spaced over 1.5 meters from other guests

  • All surfaces you come into contact with are hospital grade sanitised before and after your visit

  • All equipment is sanitised before and after it is used on you

  • We are washing and sanitising our hands before and during your visit

  • If someone exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 in-salon they will be required to leave the salon immediately, contact 13 Health and the salon and team will be on touch with 13 Health

  • We only use towels and capes once before washing 

  • Sanitiser and tissues are available on each hair station

  • Guides to washing and sanitising are on display in multiple areas in the salon

  • Gloves are used when possible and disposed of immediately

  • Eftpos terminal, IPADS, Phones, Keyboards and every other piece of equipment is sanitised

  • Door handles are sanitised

  • Everything your body or our body comes into contact with is sanitised

  • Paper towels have replaced a normal hand towel for hand drying

  • Single paper cups and sterilisation of any items used for food or drinks

  • We will only have 1 person working on you at any one time

  • We will not be providing the following services - Chemical Smoothing and Lux Kerastase Rituals

If you have any questions at all about COVID-19 Risk Management or Health And Safety Please contact us

If you don't feel comfortable or can not attend for any reason
We are offering over the phone advice and colour maintenance and product packages for home

Carry over of deposits if you are feeling unwell and have to postpone

Here are other resources for information:
In terms of WHS, the COVID-19 Work Health and Safety Hotline – 1300 005 018 - is a dedicated hotline to help the community with questions related to the Pandemic including:

advice to businesses on managing the risks of COVID-19 in their workplace

practical advice on maintaining a clean and hygienic workplace

Work Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) also has a dedicated webpage that provides advice and links concerning COVID-19:

The following document may also be of some interest: